Public Relations & Marketing


Traditional publishing houses have reduced their publicity and marketing budgets significantly over the past ten years, reserving those dollars for mass market books, celebrity titles, and serialized, cross-marketed books.

The result is a sea of press-worthy books left for the author to publicize on his or her own. While the inception of social media has empowered media civilians with some publicity tools, they have yet to match the reach achieved by national print, network television, radio, and webisode media impressions acquired through a carefully-timed strategic plan.

To that end, Thane & Prose leverages its more than fifteen years of national publicity success in order to garner the largest possible audience for its authors. Our media impressions include an amalgam of multiple placements, such as The New York Times, The Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, Vh1, Oprah, Anderson Cooper 360, CBS MarketWatch, CNN, The View, Martha Stewart Living and many more—as well as marketed social media platform follower growth rates.

Today, acquiring press for oneself is not the challenge it once was; in fact, acquiring is no longer the challenge at all. Because of that, Thane & Prose designs story-driven public relations plans focused on the author’s personal journey as a way to distinguish him or her within the market—and add deeper meaning to the discourse generated by their work.

For further inquiries, please contact Heather Grabin, Director of Publicity at 917-446-7511.