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Literary Help for New & Established Authors

Thane & Prose was originally founded as an editorial agency in 2009 by N. Thane Boulton, a 30-year publishing veteran, to help new and established authors with their book proposals.

Today, Thane & Prose may serve as ghostwriter of nonfiction, biography, screenplay, essay, and memoir work; as nonfiction or fiction manuscript development editor, or as writer and or editor of author book proposals for submission to literary agencies and acquisition editors at publishing houses.

By 2016, Thane & Prose ghostwritten manuscripts had been bought by such publishing houses as Simon & Schuster and Abrams, while its author book proposals had been accepted for representation by, and gone into submission through, such literary agencies as Writer’s House and William Morris Endeavor.

Its screenplay editing and ghostwriting have been bought by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Columbia Pictures, and Revolution Studios.

Since 2004, founder N. Thane Boulton has been a William Morris Endeavor Literary Agency-represented writer and editor, a four-time national magazine Editor in Chief, and a chief screenplay editor for such films as Rocky Balboa. He has also founded and taught curricula at The Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University. To date, Boulton has influenced over 30 book, magazine, screenplay, newspaper, and digital periodicals.

Thane & Prose Editorial Agency proudly works with each author’s individual budget, no matter how large or how small. For further inquiries, please contact me at

Thane & Prose is based in New York City.